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Thank you for considering adopting a Rescue Pet from Forgotten Paws Pet Rescue, Inc. We are an all-volunteer, non-profit organization that rescues and places abandoned dogs and cats. We are active in the entire Atlanta, metro area and surrounding counties.

Forgotten Paws is a small group and we usually have between 15 and 30 dogs waiting for adoption of all ages and sizes. Since all of our dogs live in foster homes, we do require an APPROVED application prior to scheduling a meeting of a pet outside of the adoption sites.


Adoption Process:

All applicants must be 23 years of age and must complete an adoption application.
You application will be reviewed and all veterinary and personal references will be contacted
Home Visit / Play Date - All household members, including current pets, are required to attend the home visit. All needed repairs to fencing must be completed prior to this visit. Gates to the yard need to be securing locked.
Two Week Trial Adoption Period - We require the two week trial on all adoptions so that the new pet has time to get settled and their true personalities can surface. It gives the new home a chance to make sure this pet is the right fit for everyone involved. Please understand that like a child, a new pet needs time to adjust and settle in. There is an adjustment period.
Adoption Agreement and Adopton Fee
One policy to note: If you have children and you are applying for a dog, we will require you to have a physically fenced yard. Electric fencing is not acceptable in most cases but exceptions are sometimes made dependent upon the dog.

GEORGIA ADOPTIONS (See below if you are out of state)

Dogs - listed on each dog

Adoption Fee Includes:

  Spay or Neuter  
  Vaccinations including rabies*, if the dog is over 4 months*  
  Heartworm testing and treatment if necessary  
  Fecal and deworming  
  Microchip implantation and registration  

In addition, all of our pets are treated with flea and tick prevention, and given heartworm preventative while in our care. Some older dogs have had bloodwork and dental cleanings completed if deemed necessary.

  *Please note that puppies receive several series of shots very 3 weeks until they are 16 weeks old at which time they receive their rabies. You will be responsible for extra shots at your own veterinarian after adoption

Cats - listed on each cat
  A minimum tax deductible donation of $90 for Cats is required to offest the veterinary cost inccurred by Forgotten Paws.
Adoption Fee Includes:  
  Spay or Neuter  
  Vaccinations including rabies, if the cat is old enough*  
  Feline Lukemia and Aids Testing  
  Fecal and deworming if necessary  
  Microchip Implantation and Registration  

In addition, all of our pets are treated with flea and tick prevention, and given heartworm preventative while in our care.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Why is there an adoption fee when you need to find them homes?

A: First, why do people expect us to vet their dog for free? Secondly, some adopters question why we charge an adoption fee, when they could go to the pound and get a pet for little or no money. However, they forget that the pet will then need vaccinations, medical care, and probably still need to be spayed or neutered. Most pounds do not provide these services, and these required services easily exceed our adoption fee.

When you buy a pet from a newspaper ad, you are encouraging casual and irresponsible breeding of dogs or cats, and in that way contributing to the pet overpopulation crisis in Atlanta today.

The bottom line: Your "free" pet may cost far more than you expect when you take your new pet to your veterinarian for an examination plus necessary vaccinations and treatment. In fact, you are likely to walk out with a bill somewhere between $100 and $300 and an appointment to return with your new "free" pet for its spay or neuter (and another $150-$400 fee for services). If there are other medical conditions that need attention (such as teeth cleaning, infections or wounds, ear infections or ear mites), you will have even more expenses.

Q: I'm not in the Atlanta, Georgia area. Can I still adopt?

Forgotten Paws makes out of state adoption determinations on a dog by dog basis. There are some dogs we feel would not travel well or who have social issues that make us feel that we need to keep them close to make it easier to get them back if the new homes do not work out. All applicants (in and out of state) will have their home visited by a representative of Forgotten Paws prior to adoption. Additional transport fee's may be required in addition to the adoption fee.

The adoption fee on out of state adoptions is the same as those adopting within Georgia. HOWEVER, transport and required Health Certificate costs will have to be covered by the adoptive home. Transports can cost up to $150 depending on your location and Health Certificates are $35. In some cases we can work out transport through pet relay volunteers but in these cases, your new dog will have to change hands multiple times and with each hand off they get nervous and there is always a danger of loosing them. If we use an individual or relay transport we will still ask you to contribute to transport cost of gasoline for the volunteer giving their time.

Note: Transports will take up to 2 weeks to be organized. We try our best to work them out as quickly as possible but are hindered by others schedules and USDA transport guidelines.

If you are within 2 states of Georgia, we will work out a relay transport but you will be expected to fill at least 2 hours of this no your end. For states further away (ie. New England) we utilize 2 different wonderful transport services. www.rescueriderstransport.com and www.mybuddystransport.com

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